Facilitative Leaders bookMany leaders in the past have viewed their role as setting direction, allocating resources, and driving personnel to achieve the direction. Yet a major shift has been occurring in the workplace. Leaders are recognizing the need to inspire employees rather than command and control them. Employees are seeking to participate in decision-making and not just be impacted by it. No longer willing to be just pairs of hands and feet, employees are looking to understand where their organizations are going and to influence the paths taken to get there.

This shift in the workplace is requiring a new set of leadership skills. Leaders must be able to facilitate rather than dictate. They must understand how to inspire people, develop trust, manage group interaction, resolve conflict, and build consensus.


In this session, Michael Wilkinson, the highly dynamic author of The Eight Core Practices of a Facilitative Leader, provides leaders with tools and techniques for taking a facilitative approach to leadership based on the SUCCEEDS model.

Participants will want to fasten their seatbelts for this fast-paced, highly engaging and interactive workshop.

The SUCCEEDS Model for Facilitative Leadership

  • Start with the why; engage with the how
  • Understand and empower; don’t command and control
  • Communicate in their language, not yours
  • Connect first; correct second
  • Equip for success, monitor for results
  • Engage conflict; encourage disagreement
  • Drive strategic thinking throughout the organization
  • Start, execute, and close every meeting masterfully


  • Keynote
  • Half-day
  • Full day
  • Multi-day

Topic Spotlight

The 8 Core Practices of a Facilitative Leader

By Michael Wilkinson