How do you facilitate your team through a series of discussions to arrive at a strategic plan that the entire team understands and is committed to? How do you lead them through the creation of their mission statement? How do you guide them in selecting measurable targets? What steps can you take them through to develop robust values and guiding principles? How do you help them to ensure that their priorities are indeed the most important activities for them to take on?

This workshop takes you under the covers to get at the real “how-tos” for facilitating a team through strategy. You will learn specific methods and strategies for helping teams develop each of the nine components of a strategic plan including mission, vision, goals, objectives and strategies.


  1. Key Issues in Facilitating Strategy
  2. Strategic Plan Overview
  3. Strategies for Developing Key Components
  4. Your Next Steps


  • Full day
  • Multi-day

Topic Spotlight

The 8 Core Practices of a Facilitative Leader

By Michael Wilkinson