What is it that separates great facilitators from good ones? Sure, every facilitator needs to know about establishing ground rules, using the appropriate tools and maintaining a safe environment. But are there a set of skills that seem to distinguish the best facilitators from the rest of the pack?

We say, “Yes!” As facilitator trainers and practitioners, we have had the opportunity to train over 27,000 people in facilitation skills through our flagship course The Effective Facilitator. While some facilitators were beginners, most were experienced, and many were very experienced. It is through working with this wide variation in proficiency that we have identified what we believe are the seven key skills that separate the great facilitators from the good ones.

In this workshop, the author of The Secrets of Facilitation will share the “Seven Separators” and will cover over a dozen techniques that you can begin using immediately to improve your facilitation.


  1. Opening
    • Workshop objectives
    • Key facilitation skills
    • The principles of facilitation – A methodology for facilitation
  2. The Seven Separators of Facilitation Excellence
    • Establish and maintain a high energy level
    • Ask starting questions that draw a vivid image
    • Have a full toolkit of follow-up question types
    • Respect the “power of the pen”
    • Carry the group through the process
    • Prevent, detect and resolve dysfunction
    • Isolate and address sponsor’s key needs


  • Half-day
  • Full day