How do you get a group of diverse leaders focused on developing a clear and inspiring, yet measurable and actionable, strategic direction? All too often strategic plans are lofty, feel-good visions which sit on a shelf and are never implemented. In this workshop, you will learn the secrets to preparing, developing, implementing and monitoring a successful strategic planning effort.


The session answers common questions and concerns including:

  • What is the difference between mission and vision?
  • How do you differentiate goals from objectives?
  • How do you ensure the plan addresses the most important issues facing the organization?
  • How do you determine priorities for focus and investment?
  • How do you make sure the plan is actionable?
  • How do you keep the plan in focus through execution and implementation?

Along with the planning process, this session also presents the ten common pitfalls that occur in strategic planning and provides participants with techniques for avoiding them.


Session Outline

  1. The Key Components of a Strategic Plan
  2. The Ten Pitfalls to Avoid
  3. Preparing for the Plan
  4. Developing the Strategy
  5. Putting the Plan into Action




    Full day


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