What were the buying styles of the last three customers who didn’t buy from you? What could you have done to better adjust to their buying style? If you said, “I don’t know” to either of these two questions, this workshop is for you.

Customers have a style of communication when they buy – a buying style – that successful salespeople match to gain their customers attention and close the sale. If your work involves you selling to others in any way, or if you coach people in enhancing their sales effectiveness, this workshop will show you how to use buying styles to maximize your bottom line.


Salespeople lose revenue every day because they sell using a style that is different from their customer’s buying style-then wonder why they lost the sale! This workshop offers tools that participants can put to use right away, enabling them to recognize why their selling approach causes certain people to move to action, while the same approach turns others away! Unlock powerful catalysts designed to create effective customer and teambuilding skills that help participants understand themselves and others.

  1. Getting Started
  2. Understanding Buying Styles
  3. Tailoring Your Selling Style
  4. Action Planning
  5. Putting Buying Styles to Work


  • Keynote
  • Half-day
  • Full day